Participants said the following about their time:

“This course has totally met all my expectations. All lectures were really well-planned and interesting, they provided a fantastic opportunity for me to learn about the EU. I suppose if it were not this course, I would never have the chance to get to know about how the EU works. What's more, the dorm was much better than I thought it would be, the city of Munich was really comfortable to live in (it turned out that all those worries about migration and terrorists are just nonsense).”

“It's a wonderful experience.”

“I am glad to be in the course to find more aspects about Europe which I didn't get from my study in China. I really appreciate it. Besides, I'd like to thank all the professors for being so nice and patient to us.”

“Environment is so great, no matter the dormitory. The Course is different to my courses in China, few students in a class so we have enough chance to ask what we want to know and have a deep cooperation with each student in our class. It is a marvelous experience for me.”

“It took about 1 month so we have enough time to discover the city. This is fantastic. The course covered a lot of issues concerning EU, providing us a general understanding of the organization. The trip to Vienna is also wonderful!

“The program gave us an unforgettable experience this summer. Thanks for the thoughtful preparation for students from all-around knowledge backgrounds.”

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