Remote European Studies Program

General course design 

The program will start by introducing students to the history of the European integration process followed by an introduction to the EU's institutional architecture including decision-making procedures and European law. The program will take a focus on current crisis politics in the EU.

The program is run online and includes both live interaction with lecturers as well as remote online learning with LMU's e-learning platformm Moodle. Using the e-learning platform, students will have access to texts, guiding questions and slides. Participants will use these materials to prepare themselves for live interactions with the lecturers. Live interactions via Zoom will allow students and lecturers to discuss topics and texts that were prepared by students in advance.

Live interaction - Zoom meetings

Participants will interact with lecturers on a daily basis. These online class rooms will be organized via Zoom. Interactive sessions are primarily meant to discuss topics, texts and questions that were prepared by students before each Zoom meeting. 

Remote learning - Moodle

Students will have access to LMU's e-learning platform, Moodle. Lecturers will design online courses with a clear structure for every day of the program and upload material that students shall use to prepare themselves for daily live interactions. Students are requested to read texts and to work on tasks before each live interaction.

Download: Schedule and Syllabus